10 minute Yoga – Digestion

Having good digestion is the foremost thing in keeping up a good health. The digestive track is the source of all diseases as a popular saying in my mother tongue goes. The whole purpose of digestion is to absorb what is needed by the body and reject what isn’t. If this process doesn’t go on correctly, you can imagine what the consequences will be – the body will hold toxic residues that will affect your well being.

With yoga, it is is quite easy to practice a few postures and derive great benefits for the ‘core’ of your body. I am saying this with years of experience practicing yoga. It is important to massage your stomach/intestines/belly as much as you exercise the other parts. If you think about the concept of exercising the middle of you body, you can do only a couple of things. You cannot do is to stretch it like other muscles. You can however move, twist, compress it.

Any twist such as Ardha-matyasendrasana or Seated Twist or the Lying Twist will provide a healthy squeeze to the digestive tracts. Forward bends like the Seated Forward Bend or Pashchimottanasana or Seated Side Bends are great in compressing the tracts. You counter the forward bends with back bends such as Cobra or simple standing back bend.

The moving of the core is a little more advanced. Uddiyana Bandha or the Abdominal Lock combined with Nauli where you alternatively contract and relax the the abdomen ensures you maintain control of those abdominal muscles that normally people don’t even think of as needing exercise.

There you go – a few forward bend, a few back bends combined with twists and a lock will do the trick. How will you know if this works? The only way to find out is to practice is for a week or two. You will experience a ‘cleaner tummy’, elimination will be regular and most of all, you will feel healthier in that core part of the body.

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