Japan Without Electronics?

It is almost that Japan and Electronics go hand in hand. Agreed, now there is this apple of the United States that is envy around the world, even to the Japanese who have made electronics their forte in the 80s and later. Before we had the South East nations jumping onto the market economy bandwagon, and more recently China, Japan was the only place where you could get cool electronics from. Even today, electronics manufactured in Japan have an edge over their competitors.

In Tokyo, you can visit the famed Sony Building. It has six stories of the company’s latest gizmos including the 9 mm thick HD television and the ultra new OLED TV which is the next generation of High Definition. Then there is the Akihabara district or sub-city where you find only electronics shops – lines and lines of them. Each famed store occupies multi-storied buildings, some up to 6-7 floors. Don’t expect the goods to be cheap though; they are much more expensive than you can find in the US. Kinda funny, given many of these are manufactured in Japan. Anyway, it is worth half-a-day’s visit browsing around. There is also the store – Toyland – about six floors of toys, each floor for specific groups of toys. The top floor had this humongous race track, probably about 100 feet wide with six tracks; it was a huge attraction with the boys.

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