The rush to find carry-on space

Have you ever boarded an airplane recently? Many of the airlines have yet to master the boarding process. They all start with a good one – to board those needing assistance or with young children. Then the big guys get in – like those with First Class and Business class tickets. After that, many airlines do a free-for-all i.e., all remaining passengers get to rush into the plane scurrying to find space for carry-ons. Given with the limited time the business travellers have, they want to do away with checking in baggage. This lack of process for boarding was recently evident on many airlines on our recent trip to India and Japan. On the flight from Singapore to Tokyo, Northwest Airlines made it a free-for-all. Again NW did the same on the flight from Tokyo to Detroit and from Detroit to Philadelphia. In a way they were competing with the lowly Indian Airlines who did the same on flights from Singapore to Bangalore and on the return trip to Singapore. Surely, they can follow a simple process such as that used by US Airways (yes, US Airways does at least one thing right) or Southwest Airlines.

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