Tokyo DisneyLand

When you visit Tokyo, probably the least preferred site you may want to visit is Tokyo DisneyLand. The reason is that the park is identical to the one in Florida. Assuming that you have seen the one in Orlando, you won’t miss much. There is Space Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, Peter Pan ride, It’s a small,small world and every other ride. Added to the extreme familiarity is the fact that there are tons and tons of people, literally. I and Vikas went to see the park as it was his dream to visit the park in Tokyo – he wants to see the one in Paris, too. On Saturday, after leaving the hotel at 8:30 and reaching the park by subway around 11:00 turned into disappointment. There were so many people (guests as they are called) having bought the tickets, there were no more selling of tickets. The announcement was displayed right at the Tokyo sub-station, but we didn’t pay heed to it. We went on to catch the JR line to Mahima and there at the entrance, I was surprised to see people walking back from the park entrance. We were told to visit the other park – Disney Sea Park, but we didn’t want to. We ended up buying tickets for Sunday. On Sunday, we left early to beat the crowds. But the number of people was still overwhelming. There were lines about 100 yards long to buy popcorn or a snack. We managed to get onto some major rides and left the park rather early – around 3:45 PM.

The beautiful Disney Resort just outside the park.

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