Wow, Tokyo!

The Tokyo city skyline is impressive as it is vast. The breadth of the city is quite astonishing. There are about 9 million night population and 12 million day-time population indicating the extent of commute that goes on into and out of the city daily. You won’t find too high a sky scraper due to Tokyo’s affinity to earthquakes, but the number of tall buildings is staggering.
The highlight of Tokyo city, at least from what I saw, is the Ginza shopping district where the elite of brands have a place, far more than what I have seen in New York or Chicago. The weekends have the traffic barred from the main road (can’t remember) so you see a sea of people going about their shopping. Added to the fact that there are so many glitzy shops, it was Christmas time. The Christmas tree lighted up in front of MikiMoto was a star attraction as was the lighting in front of the Sony Building.

If you take a day tour of Tokyo and its attractions, you will spend some time at the Imperial Palace grounds. You are not allowed inside the palace, but can take photographs outside the gate and watch the change of guards. You can visit the Bonzai garden next to the Four Seasons hotel, where the traditional Japanese Hibachi lunch was fantastic. We being vegetarians, still managed to grab some bite. ‘Ashia’ in Japanese means good food, so don’t forget to compliment your host. The Tokyo tower mirrors the Eiffel Tower, but gives its own grand view of Tokyo. We went on a cruise by the City’s river watching the buildings though it was a very rainy day. The tour ended with a visit to the traditional Japanese temple – a pagoda like structure and it’s nearby alleys of small shops and food stalls. You usually see displays of food in front of restaurants.

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