Holidays are no time to ignore your health

Yes, the Holidays are already peaking. Your enthusiasm is probably high, maybe, due to shopping or visiting relatives and guests, trips to friends, less work-pressure, etc. Amidst all this you are unknowingly high on sugar – those yummy Lindt chocolates you can get in bundles quite cheap at Costco might be to blame. In such good times, are you really taking care of your health? Why did the exercise routine or Yoga practice take a back seat? Yes, you will get back to it in the New Year. However, when it comes to practice, it should be like Sadhana. Day in and day out, those 10-15 minutes you spend on keeping up your health will ultimately tell when you reach a point where you want to enjoy all your accomplishments. For without health, it would be a fight. Here is a 10 minute routine to keep up good digestion. As they say, a bad stomach is the root cause of all diseases. Read my post on spending 10 minutes to keep up your digestion – 10 minute Yoga – Digestion.

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