The mess of moving to a new hard drive – 3

Alas, my second approach didn’t do much help either. It appears that some file on my local OS is causing an issue. The boot CD takes the files from my local install and hence I still see the looping issue.

My next alternative was to image my old hard disk and apply it to the new hard disk. Found a free one – Drive Image XML. The great thing about this (as claimed) is you can image the drive, make a boot CD with their plug-ins (GetDataBack) and use it for restore. This won’t even require the OS to be re-installed. This again requires a Windows Boot CD

I went that route. However, I made the boot CD from my old installation. After it looped again at restart, I realized it is my old OS that is the cause of the issue. Now, I am going to make a boot CD (btw, use BartPE for this) on my work laptop, hopefully that will work.

Planet Tatooine where Anakin pod races.

On an aside, I am thinking if Windows users go through such hell so as to transfer their hard disk content from one to another (legally, of course), think of so much energy wasted at a global level. I am sure one fine day, Microsoft will pay for it one way or other. My dream ,of course, the computers of the world don’t run on one or two or three O/S’es. There should be multiple (literally hundreds or innumerable) options available to the end user – all plug and play and interoperable, gives me the image of hawkers selling O/S on the streets, sort of like in Star Wars where on Planet Tatooine the hawkers sell many self-made engines to Anakin. That’s a dream, hope it comes true!

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