The mess of moving to a new hard drive – 6

My original OS CD arrived today just a day after requested it from Dell Support. Dell Support was awesome! It is great to work with support people who can solve the problem right away instead of dilly-dallying. The OS re-install with the new CD went perfect and right now I am restoring from Retrospect 7.6 the backup. I had to wait for about an hour for Retrospect to re-build the catalog as it stores the catalog on the C drive and mine was brand new. I should have copied the catalog from my old hard drive to a flash drive, that would have saved some time. I read the restore running into problems when using the ‘Full restore’ option where Retrospect will restore not just files but even the registry and System State. I thought I will give it a shot anyway as it will save me time re-installing all the software and patches I earlier had.

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