Saravana Bhavan on Oak Tree Road

We drove to the Bridgewater temple today only to find it closed. We arrived at about 12:50 PM to realize the temple opens only at 4:30 PM on weekdays (closes at 11 AM in the mornings on weekdays). It was Rama birthday tomorrow and we wanted to visit a temple – today was off for her and tomorrow is a working day. So we decided to find lunch somewhere else and headed towards Oak Tree Road in Edison, the mecca for everything Indian in the North East if not the whole of US of A. We couldn’t locate Moghul, Moksha seems closed. We hopped onto the next mall and found Saravana Bhavan. The food was fine – the idli, sambar, vada, dosa – all eats South Indian. The cost was $$. The place was crowded but neat. Ended the food with a Mysore coffee – you get it in a small steel cup sitting in a steel vessel with spilt over coffee. The fact that the coffee cup’s underside sits immersed in the spilt coffee is a turn-off, but I only drink from the cup. We then stopped at Gokul and picked up some sweets. Abson’s was closed. It was 2:45 and thought waiting for the temple to re-open would be way too long and headed back home.

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