HP DF820A4 digital frame

This review is for the DF820A4 model. I couldn’t find this model on Amazon and had to buy else where.

Overall, I am pretty happy with this frame. I looked for this over the holidays and it was sold out everywhere. Now Best Buy has it available. The best quality of this frame is the stunning pictures it delivers. This is mainly due to the 800×600 resolution. Such a resolution is not easy to find in the 8″ frame size.

It comes with 3 different frames (the inside ones) so you can pick and choose which should border your photos. However, the outside mahogany frame isn’t changeable.

The speakers are tinny, but I care less as I don’t want music playing with the photos. Usually you would keep the frame near a desk, you would want a) a wider range of music than the frame can accommodate even with an external drive b) the quality of music is pretty poor. At the lowest volume level, I found the music to be loud enough to be a distraction.

The pics are displayed in random order which is very important feature of any digital frame. Else, you will end up seeing the same pictures and you probably will never run through all of them, if like me, you have over several thousands of pictures. The transitions effects are more than adequate.

It can take input from many memory cards. For me a USB flash drive was important, as I have enough of these with over 8 GB space. The frame doesn’t display pictures from multiple sources, just one at a time.

It does display video, however, not interspersed with photos. Either videos or photos at any time. I would have loved a combination.

I never used the buttons at the back, always resorting to the remote. The auto-orientation feature is fine, it manages to display verticals with the right orientation. However, not always. You can use the remote to change the orientation manually. I found sometimes the remote isn’t effective :(, kept pressing the pause button and the frame wouldn’t respond.

Though you can set the slide show speed, I found some photos take much longer to load. This is what other users might complain as freezing, but the frame eventually carries on.

Despite all the setbacks above, I love the frame as it does it basic job well and the display is a notch above the competition per Consumer Reports.

One last thing, if you plan to keep the frame in your family room, remember an 8″ screen size will cause a good deal of eye strain if you watch the pics from a distance. After all, it isn’t a TV.

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