Slumdog Millionaire

We went to see the movie yesterday. There were about 5 people for the 4:35 PM show. Before the movie started, I could count about 25.

The first hour or so of the movie is very disturbing. Reality as it is in the slums of Mumbai. Hard to believe but hard fact. We talk about the economy being bad in America and people finding it hard, even losing jobs. Well people get welfare here. Imagine when your whole life is living with uncertainty. No welfare, no justice, no health care, no education, no sanitation system, thugs ruling the neighborhood, children maimed so they be part of a begging-scheme that makes money, everyday religious violence, police closing their eyes to crime happening right under their nose, rampant prostitution, young girls forced into prostitution. You can see all these in the movie. Amidst all these, there are young souls wanting a better life and love, playing the game not because of the prize but to find answers.

While the movie has won a lot of praise and honors, it is not total entertainment. This could be hard for some looking for a lighter experience. It is a mix of reality education as well.

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