Memories – On top of Mt. Meruti

This was a 3 day trek we took after my masters in the deep forests of Malnad. Swet and me had some exhilarating experience as we walked for 3 days on some dangerous paths through the dense forests. The forests were so dense, they could be termed a 5×5 i.e., a tree within 5 feet of another. We had a local guiding us. Of course, he was all used to it and we, city-dwellers, though high in spirits, couldn’t match his pace. Once we came across large dumps of dung and the local said it was a herd of elephants that had passed through. Thinking about it now, it was crazy to do the trek the way we did. Each day we were supposed to trek 10-15 Km, but ended up doing well over that. My guess was 30+; add to this the terrain and it seems lot longer.

On the second day, at the end we were supposed to halt at the local village head’s home for rest and dinner. The group of 50+ somehow broke into 2 groups. It became dark before we could reach the place. Our group lead somehow realized we had taken the wrong path! The path was to be marked with some red marks all along, or so we thought. There were hardly one mark every kilometer, which is crazy given the fact that there are no real paths in the forest. We ended up seeing our destination but it was on the other side of the water. In that darkness, someone on the other side heard us and shouted directions to a nearby rope bridge. Getting across the bride, one by one, was a challenge. We could hear the water roaring in the darkness beneath. The rope bridge was no easy one to cross. It would swing at the slightest movement. We all had one torch! No one had planned we would be late. Somehow we managed to get to the other side. The rest was well received. Dinner was on the plantain leaf; it should have been great after all the adventure. We then sat out in the open in front of a bonfire late into the night. My legs were sore; I remember I could hardly move them due to the knees taking a hit while we were coming downhill on many of the slopes.

Below, Me and Swet on top of Mt. Meruti – this is on the border of Karnataka and Kerala. I need to confirm the facts (mountain name, location, etc).

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