Beautiful Salt Lake City

Last week I was at Ingenix migrating them over to Aprimo’s 8.0.5 at Salt Lake city. Wow! The city blew me away by its awe-inspiring beauty! Mountains galore all round. They were just spectacular. Every day, as I drove to work, I would stop on the highway shoulders and take pictures. Initially I only had my blackberry camera, but seeing the mountains, I decided to buy a digital camera. I thought we were overdue for one. The Fugi S4000 (don’t even remember the model), is great taking pictures at 4 MP but the camera isn’t exactly something I could carry along every time I step out of the home. The Sony DSC-W120 was a nice mix of features and money – didn’t want to throw a whole lot of money into a camera, given the built in camera that comes with the Canon HG10, making it 2 cameras sitting at home.

23-Feb-2008 17:38, SONY DSC-W120, 13.0, 17.86mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 125

Anyway, the days were hectic – you can imagine how it will be when a system is going live. Ingenix itself is setup just behind a golf course overlooking the mountains. The snow capped peaks were just breath-taking and beautiful! I was often tempted to imagine getting lost amidst them.

My plan was to go on a drive Saturday; I knew there would be some work on Saturday, but that never transpired. Apparently, the servers didn’t meet the pre-reqs and there had to be a last minute upgrade to Win2K3. We didn’t expect a production server to be running Win2K still.

Sunday, we managed to get all of the show-stoppers out of our way; so the Go-live was ON on Monday. After 2 PM I managed to get out of office. I still had to get the camera before I left on the Big Cannonwood drive. The day was receding and was cloudy. So I couldn’t afford to be too late starting. Much research on Consumer Reports had me converged on the Sony DSC-W’s; in particular I wanted the W300, but I couldn’t get past my Finance Manager at home! In fact, I couldn’t find the Ws at Best Buy, a couple of Walmarts and a Target late Saturday. The Office Depot I was driving by on way to the mountains had the W150 and I got that right away, knowing it would be cheaper on the net. It comes built in with a 15MB memory, good enough for 15 photos. The 2GB Memory stick pro I got was oyster-cased and I couldn’t open it.

Still I headed out to the mountains. As I approached them, the vista was getting more and more awe-inspiring. There was peace out there, or so I thought. Once at the foothills, I could see more cars coming back than going in, making me cautious. I am not a big fan of driving in snow, let alone some curvy lanes on a 14,000 ft high mountain.

23-Feb-2008 18:14, SONY DSC-W120, 13.0, 15.14mm, 0.01 sec, ISO 125

Luckily, the drive was very easy. Ben had told me it would be. The roads were very clear. I stopped along quite a few times taking in the sheer height of some of these and the expanse of them all. There hadn’t been a snow storm for quite a while I guess, as I could see their bare-brown skin, pocked with snow. As I passed an area with avalanche warnings, I called home. Rama should have got scared when I mentioned where I was, but I reassured her. The first resort was Solitude and the second and last one – the Brighton. There were plenty of people skiing and enjoying the late weekend afternoon. It took all but 30 minutes to get up to Brighton. After a good look around and pictures, I started to head back. The attendant at a shop where I stopped, gave me a scissor to finally cut up my MSP casing; by this time my W120’s internal memory was all but used up.

Saw lots of smiling faces. Thinking about Monday, I couldn’t afford to waste away long into the evening, so I started back to the Courtyard.

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