Wasatch is the mountain range that stretches from Utah-Idaho border to Central Utah, is the western edge of the Rockies. I bid adieu Tuesday afternoon to the beauty of Wasatch, hoping I will be back some time in the future for a more engaging time.

The few days I spent knowing nature around here, I felt like it brought out the younger days in me. I could imagine the fiestiness here years and years ago. It seemed as if, everyday the mountains would want to present themselves to me in a different and more beautiful light. They would put me off-guard every time I looked, made me weaker on the outside, but stronger on the inside, wanting me to get more Wasatch. There was a special relation I enjoyed during these days with these mountains. If I look at my payana (or Journey), I felt I had to see Wasatch in my life and for a reason.

Things happen for a reason. I remember reading a Kumon recommended book. There are over 6 billion people on earth. There are billions of places on earth. There are a billion things you can do at anytime. There are a billion or zillion things you can think of in a second. However you end up doing one thing, meeting just one person, seeing just one place at a time. All these happenings – are they by chance? Just look at the probability of such happenings. I will leave it at that with a few great pictures of Wasatch and SLC

25-Feb-2008 11:33, SONY DSC-W120, 5.8, 21.4mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 125
25-Feb-2008 19:14, SONY DSC-W120, 7.1, 5.35mm, 0.006 sec, ISO 125

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