Getting out of Stuckedness

You don’t have to have read ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ to know what stuckedness is. This is a situation from which you are trying to wrestle or wiggle yourself out. We all get into these situations, no exceptions. The other day, I was setting up Aprimo suite of products for a client. It involved, among other things, installing on two web servers. After successful installation, I just couldn’t get the application to function. I tried and tried without succeeding. Well, this is stuckedness. The situation could be very different for every individual in every such situation. It could be a family matter or dealing with an issue your child has at school. It could be anything. OK, you are saying ‘Ash, enough. Tell me what you want to tell!’.

How do you get out of it? There could be many solutions and I or anyone won’t know what that solution is. However, after yesterday’s situation, I realized two things are needed to come out of it.

1. Belief that you will get out of the situation. This requires calmness and recognition that will be able to solve it. This belief itself will give you confidence and you will start seeing options.

2. Above led us to Options. Yes, you got to try different things out. Typically, we think this or that approach will work and try to hammer it out till it works. In the end, it might and you might emerge feeling successful. However if there is a shorter way to get to point B from point A, why not try it? This could be as simple as making a phone call to a friend or colleague. In the end, it will look stupid that you didn’t think of it yourself, but who cares? Nobody is judging you but yourself. Problem solved and you can get on with life.

Now you will be more receptive to stuckedness with the confidence that you can handle it without loosing cool.

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