Excuse me, there’s no break

You heard me. There is no such thing as a break from Yoga. However tired you might feel, whatever tasks you need to take care of, there is no break from Yoga. Period. You felt good after going to the classes, you know that. Now you think you can skip one? No Madam. What happens is by the end of the week you skipped, you will feel tired again. That will make you skip one more class and even other things you need to do and you go into a vicious cycle. See, it is a way of the forces trying to keep you from doing what you need to do to stay refreshed and balanced. So whatever it is the reason (unless a real emergency, like they state when you call the doctor on a weekend!), break away from that sloth reeking off your mind and drag yourself into that class. I guarantee you, you will not only feel better afterwards, but also throughout that week. It is one of the best investments you can make for an hour; in return you will find answers, solutions, means to do what you want to and need to do. So next Friday, please do me a favor and let me see the Peace on your face after the class. God has entrusted me in helping you discover that link to Peace and I take my job seriously, hence my urging. Thank You for your time.

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