My Top Indian restaurants in US – Azitra, Raleigh, NC

While training at the Aprimo boot camp, we happened to explore quite a few restaurants in the area. On the last day, we visited Azitra [Azitra, Brier Creek 8411 Brier Creek Pkwy, Suite 101, Raleigh, NC 27617]. This charming restaurant is quite different from the run-of-the-mill Indian restaurant. The decor is upscale, the food is excellent and served in style. I loved the vessels (small utensils) that they serve the side dish in. My bhendi masala with a basket of bread for the table was super; not very spicy. Hint, when you go to an Indian restaurant, don’t ask for too much spice. That takes away the actual flavor and taste of the food. A little spice is also good for your palette and digestion. Since we were having business lunch, I didn’t get to try a desert. The hostess was very hospitable and helped colleagues with taking the order. It is over 2 years since I ate there, so I don’t remember every single detail, but Azitra certainly ranks very high on my list of the top Indian restaurants in US.

The owners of Azitra also run Nawab in Virgina Beach, where we happened to Dine while on vacation. The food here too was excellent in a tastily decorated atmosphere. The place was fairly busy for an evening. We went back the third day not wanting to risk eating lesser fare elsewhere!

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