My top Indian Restaurants in US – Chand Palace, Parsippany, NJ

Let not the rather rather spartan exterior mislead you. The restaurant is in a small strip mall with a Dunkin Donut and an Indian Grocery store. The main restaurant is open everyday except Monday. On Tuesdays they have the dinner at the adjacent banquet hall.

The main restaurant is not a large place. The food is vegetarian. If you keep going to this restaurant (that should be a good thing), you might see the same food, but I found the food to be prepared very well. I have been there only for dinners, and dinner is a buffet. You have the appetizers – samosas, chats. There will be three-four vegetables, the Punjabi Khadi being excellent as well as the Okra fry. You usually have more than two dessert items, which I found were also excellent. Along with the dinner comes the masala dosa. Now, I haven’t found many Indian restaurants prepare good dosas, but the restaurant is an exception. I loved it always.

The dinner on Tuesdays, at the banquet hall, is a bit different in the sense there are meat items too for those meat lovers. The hall is very spacious and well decorated. If you keep coming here, you will start noticing the wearing chair tops and curtains. But not a big deal. The food is again tasteful and variety is pretty good. While I was doing a project at Morristown, I used to visit Chand Palace at least once a week, but never got bored of it. You may not find the host very talkative, but I used to go for the food anyway.

Chand Palace is located on Littleton road in Parsipanny.

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