What you have to do and What you want to do

I was visiting my Aunt during the spring break. The Semester has been crazy for me. It has been only six months since I came to the US to do my master’s in Project Management. Choosing between two well known colleges is never an easy task. Life in the first semester was crazy enough. I was put up in a dorm with international students who all had a mind of their own. I could never get along – different lifestyles, different cultures. On top of everything, I am a vegetarian. Imagine being in a far off country with little cash, a meagre scholarship and places to eat where chicken is considered vegetarian, a hectic Graduate school schedule. In this kind of situation, it helps to not have indifferent room mates.

Anyway, I am digressing. After 3 days of exploring Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the neighborhoods I thought I was having a good time. There was a paper I had to complete during the break, but that was okay – very doable. After a lot of walking yesterday, I was tired and went to sleep early. First thing in the morning, I checked my blackboard (where I can see assignments, news, etc) online and there it was – the dreaded MIT professor doling out assignments during the break as though he was doling out money to the auto industry like the Federal government.

At this point, I was wondering what to do – I wanted to utilize my spring break well w/o having to get back to the same dogged life of the semester. There were so many things I wanted to do and now I have this killer. Then it dawned upon me, I need to distinguish between what I need to do and what I want to do. See, there needs to be a balance. Without this balance, I will soon get burnt out. Creating that space where I can also do what I want to do, refreshes me and charges my mind. There it was! My action plan was already starting to form. With that distinction, I could keep my sanity under control.

The two hour break where I went out and helped did make a difference in my mind. Taking my mind off work did the trick. It refreshed me. Uncle would always say, the mind is like a sponge; if it is soaked it can’t take more. So you need to un-soak it or squeeze out the dreads and it will make space for newer things. That’s how you keep being creative…

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