Let the Spirit flow

Are you vented up in Anger?
Or is it disdain, maybe hatred or Jealousy
Leave alone those feelings of lure
And let the Spirit flow.

Have you a list of things unaccomplished?
Something in the back of your mind nagging always
Sit down for a while and find nothing to do
And let the Spirit flow.

Generally you were ahead of the pack
Now-a-days you feel things aren’t alright
As you see the rest getting ahead
Maybe you have lost the Spirit that was You.

In the rat game that is the competition
You lost your purpose what you wanted to actually do
Always trying to impress on the first go
It is time to take a step back
And let the Spirit flow.

Your foremost goal is to find happiness
For when you are happy, you are creative
Much like the Almighty, for he is ever creative
As Happy as always he ever will be.

Recall those moments when you were spontaneous
When did you get all those original ideas?
Did they spring when you were lost?
Not at all, they are the product of Spirit flowing.

Once in a while, as often as you can
Connect, Listen to deep inside within your Self
Follow what your heart says, let there be no distractions
Then you will have all you want after you be what are.

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