Going green when blowing the nose

How many tissues do we use to blow into and clean the nose? Why don’t we use simple plain old water at the sink? It may sound yuk, but it is more eco-friendly. This would save many, many trees and also make the bacteria that we leave behind in the used tissues (in the trash) less likely to spread. Anyway, one would still wash hands even after using the tissue, like a visiting 15-year old did. He uses more water to clean his hands after using the tissue than I would use to blow the nose and washing put together :).

Where I grew up, there was no such thing as a tissue. A hand kerchief was all. Of course, we would overuse the hankies for want of many and I don’t recommend that either. Just walk up to the sink and blow it out, at least when you are not that sick to get out of bed.

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