The price of nurturing militancy

Recently, there has been a number of missile attacks in Pakistan by militants. Now, more than ever, the militants have started to attack Pakistan itself to prove their point. All these days we had seen the militancy from Pakistan targeting parts of India, even the Mumbai attacks and there are strong evidences that the Intelligence services (ISI) was involved. This has always been the rumors, but with the Mumbai attacks, it was proven.

After over 60 years of Independence, the fact is Pakistan is nowhere on the path to development. The leaders of Pakistan have always been strong in their voices against India in the international news, but they should realize that words alone cannot bring development and prosperity to the people. The government’s focus on building up the military at the expense of development is now showing. India has long forgone building up the military as the main objective with the development plans initiated by Narasimha Rao in the 80s. The shift towards development has borne results. While India is a long way from where it needs to be (just watch last week’s Amazing race episode, where you see children picking up food from trash), it has substance to show in terms of progress – the boom in the IT and manufacturing industries and the overall increase in wealth.

I have always been amazed how the politicians of Pakistan were always more articulate than their Indian counterparts. Be it Benazir or Musharef or Imran Khan, these people unfortunately always seems to have a personal agenda of keeping up their power. In the process, the people of Pakistan suffer. Being one-up as a tactic won’t take you too far in the real deal. Developing from the core needs to be the focus. If there ever was a time to realize that a Government cannot nuture militancy and also be on the path of development, this should be it.

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