The transition

Yesterday night, I had a hard time sleeping
Blame it on the wind – fifty, sixty, it was gusting
Howling, whistling and I could even hear it crying
For what purpose, I kept guessing.

I could hear the tiles rattling
The garage doors, ever creaking
It appeared it was on some sort of a mission
To destroy something, if not everything.

It was too early for the morning
Peeking out, all I could see was the majestic pines swaying
Again and again, I could hear the ferocity picking
But still it wasn’t really achieving anything.

On and on it went through to the morning
The fright in us, continuing and the sleep fading
At last I could see the daylight flooding
And with it a sense of relief and comforting.

As I started to assess what damage did it cause
All I could see was the new young Maples still standing,
In the midst of that dark night and the incessant howling
It was gratifying how they were back to life with red buds charming.

Maybe it was nature’s way
To state that the end is better in a way
Maintain the calm, maintain the balance
And you shall see shine at the end of the foray.

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