Working around

Back from work
After a long, dreary day
I park the car
and head into the doorway.

The television is on
Nobody in the family room
Frank is gone
To watch the evening Sun.

I throw the bag
Dump the coffee cup
Feel like stretching my legs
Wonder what the evening is bringing on.

Sink full of dishes
No food in the refrigerator
Son has an evening class
I push away thoughts of leaning on.

I turn the music on
It is Eagles – Hotel California on
Life comes back streaming on
It looks like the dreary is gone.

So when I feel a kind of lacking
I stop thinking what went on
I bring to my mind what I can turn on
Keeps me going, on and on.

While I can stretch
And leave the mess going on
I realize I don’t get energy
To do nothing but sitting on.

For you do a lot more things
To be able to do those few cherished ones
Life ain’t perfect
To just keep singing along.

It takes a while, sometime longer
To wade yourself around in the way
It is the stream you enjoying swimming along
Not the obstacles that keep you from moving on.

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  1. Nandini Peaseblossom

    This poem is so well written! It is such a pleasure to read your blogs

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