Keeping the pounds off – The Yoga Way

It was nice when in the twenties
Nothing to worry, nothing to care
With school over, a job on hand
No worries, hey Future – I don’t care.

I fell in love, at very first sight
Marriage while delayed, gave us a sweet child
Putting on weight, the worry not in sight
I just managed to get through right.

The thirties came, the thirties went
There, of course, was stress and money lent.
I earned more, I spent more
In terms of pounds-gained, not much more.

In the forties, here I am
People always tell me how fitter I am.
The enduring secret is, no mail-order food
Nor flab-busting, expensive care, m’am!

A nip tuck here, a nip tuck there
Is not the answer, you need to care.
Jeez, I had to wade all those years
To realize what exactly was my fare.

Years of Yoga, almost thirty and going
No smoking, not much drinking
Was not the Rx the Doc gave
To address those bouts of stress ‘n dare.

Fifteen minutes a day, was all my target
I did slip often, thourgh rarely did I forget
What many think is just not possible
If a brushing-teeth-like routine, is very doable.

Might have been a hour a week
But the practice kept me linked to peace
The more I read, the more I practiced
The more the fire in me, re-kindled.

Moderation is the key, in sleep, in work
In food, in victory, in defeat and in Joy.
Learn to control Anger and desire
Do your best and let the results transpire.

When it comes to eats, there is a golden rule
Fill it with Fifty, then twenty-five and twenty-five more,
For food, for water, for emptiness
Nothing more, nothing less and you see it the core.


  1. Very beautifully written!

  2. Very beautifully written!

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