Keep the smile on

Whatever will go wrong, will go wrong
So said some wise man, I didn’t say bring it on.
I didn’t know we would on a recent vacation
But I knew to always keep the smile on.

On the day we left, she still had work to do
Packing not finished yet, was the starting of much ado.
Print boarding passes, that will have to wait
Till we finish and determine all the weight.

Dishes In the sink, we are yet to go
Final checklist not settled, scurrying ‘n packing food-to-go
It all started here, whatever will go wrong does go wrong
I kept telling myself, keep the smile on.

We manage to leave on time, to pickup son from school
Luckily, we hadn’t planned on keeping up the swim in pool.
Eating on the way, mailing letters a few
She starts to feel unwell, I said – keep the smile anew.

Parking takes time, but we manage pretty well
Security is fast thru, I cannot believe it’s not yet hell.
Then it all starts, with the flight half-hour delayed
I kept telling myself, just keep the smile on.

Once it is an hour, I call the 800 number
The girl takes half ‘n hour, hangs up and it is a bummer.
As I thought our re-booking was done
Delta says, hey, we can leave earlier.

Standing in line, our passes scan, but then doesn’t scan
Tickets need to be re-issued, we stand in a blackberry jam
She manages to get us on, not realizing what’s really going on.
Ash, I say to myself, keep the smile going on.

Once on the plane, we learn the delay is not yet over
Whether we will get to Seattle, at least it is not never.
The stop at Atlanta, we learn will be today’s last
The agent manages to get us a hotel, I’d say very fast.

I call the car agency, telling I am late
He asks for a confirmation number, I say – not with me, mate.
He happily hands out another 800 number
Saying, write it down and no thanks for calling late.

I say to myself, you can keep thinking all that went wrong
Or recall those few that went pretty well along.
The girl who cancelled with a smile, though we were late
Or the guy who gave us directions, in an airport that had too many a gate.

All that had to go wrong, did go wrong
In the end, it was the smiles that kept it going along
It is easy to forget those few good things
That should shape your thoughts, not those many went-wrong happenings.

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