Multnomah Falls, Portland

Pictures say it all. At a height of 625 feet, the falls is picturesque and majestic!

Om Namah, Multnomah
Majestic you stand
Towering proof at hand.
O God, are you fierce
Knives of falling jets
Disappear before they pierce.
Incessant you flow
with joy, with Peace
Yet you stand still
Witness to many-a-passing frill.

No ups, no downs,
you don’t need pills
to keep ’em all down
while you enjoy the thrills.
To you I ask, what is life
is it an always free-falling
joy ride with no strife?
How I wish I was like you,
like this or like that
Maybe it’s the reason why
life is an untempered brat.

We come, we go
with strands of our own ego
don’t you get bored
living from so long ago.
I say I am having more fun
Television, iPhone, cars
all I want under the sun.

Yet, as I look back
seeing you standing tall
unwavering, enjoying the fall
I can’t but help feel
am I just passing
knowing nothing at all?

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