Look neither here nor there, but in-there

He looked here, he looked there
he thought he would find,
all that he could care.

Those first many years,
breezed through by
there wasn’t a need
that wasn’t fulfilled, O my.

Food, friends, love and children
so much life, and things to dare
little did he realize,
knowing himself was an elusive ware.

At some time he thought he had it all
only to realize there was no real wherewithal.
For any new task, challenge or endeavor
he had to muster hardest his will ‘n all,
until he smelt the burn out odor.

For anything you do,
it is much easy to let the will
mould the way of the Self,
for it will come flowing out – no stopping Bill.

Do your best and most,
to find that which is joy utmost
Think no money, no reward,
just enough to pay the bill.

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