Yoga, Energy release and its impact

The practice of hatha yoga no doubt releases much energy. You feel energized after a session of yoga. If your practice is such that you go to a class once in a week or even twice a week, then the extra energy you need for your day-to-day activities is supplied by these sessions. However, if you practice on a more regular basis, such as daily, then you need to be able to deal with the excess energy released. This is from my own personal experience of over 25 years of practice. Unless you have an outlet how you channel that excess energy, it starts to manifest itself in various forms. This is almost like the fundamental law of energy- that energy tries to find its own equilibrium (loosely stating of course). You increase a mass of water in a limited volume (such as a cylinder), the pressure per inch on the surface increases. Unless that surface is capable of sustaining that increase in pressure, it will crumple. It is the same with the human body.

What I found is, with such excess energy, if I don’t find a way of utilizing it, then I would find myself more irritable, getting angry at the slightest invocation, easily susceptible to sexual impulses and the like.

How do you deal with the excess? Your lifestyle should either demand it or you need to find ways of letting it out. If you do something with passion, then that excess can fuel it such as any action – gardening, cooking, writing, running, etc. If not, you will start noticing the irritability as a result of the excess trying to get out of your system. No wonder, there is a lot of material on yoga and sex, as sex is a great release mechanism, you can burn 20% of your daily energy consumption in one act. Such releases will bring you back to towards that equilibrium plane.

Moral of the story: find a creative outlet to deal with that energy released by the practice. Else, you are in it for a bad ride. You might not realize it right away, but ask your partner or family members to keep track of your behaviour and you will know.

If you have any personal experience, please post.

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