Deal with it

To a query, I just jumped in
saw the list was few pages long
in just three days I already knew
damn sure it would definitely prolong.

The thank-you ‘n challenge kept me going
the new air was welcoming
after two days I was all understanding
however attitudes were very unbearing.

Don’t have much money, client says
you promised it will work, no nays
not my problem, not them problem
easy to see, we wil be soon parting ways.

To make a point, again and again
that we are no good, and on soft terrain
I learned to let go, problems to be solved
no snapping back, bridges needn’t be halved.

When you see issues coming like bullets
stop the urge to react with pen or pellets
recognize they don’t need attention all at once
deal one at a time, else there are no funs.

Try reaching out, seeking much help
to friends, family, colleagues who care
answers start coming in without going berserk
just give it the time due, no need to shirk.

Crucial it is to maintain the calm
to see through amidst not-so-norm
you will be satisfied near the end
how you made it avoiding the wrong bend.

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