The prick from the needle

The larger pain starts with a prick from the needle. I am talking about the cause of stress and how there is always a starting point. Everything would be going fine – you are happy, your spouse is happy and so is your children. You have a sense of balance. You can deal with a situation in a calm manner. You don’t pay heed to the other person’s mockery or insults (if any); you note that you don’t have to be bothered as long as you are doing it right. Your health is fine. Your yoga practice is going on okay. You enjoying doing those small things whether it is pulling out the weeds or helping in the kitchen. Then all of a sudden there is something that annoys you, something that you normally don’t get annoyed with such as the car that cuts across you or pulls ahead carelessly when you are lined up to drop off your child at the School curb.

Once that needle pricks that healthy balloon, the surface pattern is messed up. The depressions (literally) and cracks are formed semi-permanently. They take quite sometime to regain their smoothness. You realize that you are getting more angry and you are not dealing with situations as well. You are getting annoyed, irritated and angrier. On top of all these, you somehow can’t find solutions to problems and tend to blame others. You get easily insulted; you don’t overlook the other person’s faults working around it. Your stress level increases dramatically. You start to do things that you normally avoid like smoking or drinking or whatever.

After a few days and a few good night’s sleep, and exercise/yoga things starts to settle down. You realize you forgot some basics when it came to dealing with situations. You will slowly start to get your confidence back. You start believing that the outcome will be what you want; you know when you have that belief things work out.

At each and every recovery from such low-points, it is important to recognize what was the starting point of the slip. Once you register that in your mind, you are unlikely to repeat that same mistake and you can stay the course in pursuit of happiness.

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