Invalid format error – Pandigital 10.4 inch frame

The 4GB flash drive wasn’t big enough to hold all our photos. So I ordered a 16GB Kingston drive and transferred all the photos to it. I eagerly plugged in the flash drive into the frame. The first picture comes up fine, but there is a green-crossed small rectangle in the left bottom of the screen. Oh-ho! That isn’t good, I think. Expectedly the next picture never loads up and I see a dim Invalid format error.

I check the flash drive thinking it maybe good to format it. We can only format it as a FAT32 system. Now, this isn’t the latest format for hard drives, the NTFS is. NTFS is also faster. I download an utility that changes the file system to NTFS and the DPF doesn’t even show the first picture. These frames use a much cheaper processor than your PCs and no wonder, they can do so little.

I change the file system back to FAT32. I read that this system has limitations with file name and length. So I edited all the folders not have spaces, quotes, etc. Same issue – photos don’t display. I then created sub-folders and limited each folder only to contain only 100 objects/files at a time.

I downloaded another utility – XYPlorer – to search files that aren’t only JPEG. This neat utility can find files based on regular expressions. Of course there are many such files – *.ini, *.alb, *.this and *.that. I removed all of these to no success.

All above takes about 2 hours. The frame would shows the pictures okay when I was using a 4GB flash drive. So I retained only those files that were in that flash drive and removed rest of them, back them to my laptop. The photos show okay.

I then transferred one folder at a time to the flash drive from my backup thinking I will hit that folder that contains some file causing the Invalid Format error. This takes about another 2 hours to load and test. After all folders from the backup are back on the flash drive, the frame is functioning fine – shows every photo okay.

So which files caused the error? I don’t know even know – bummer. But looks like copying the files again did something good.


  1. Hi Roomi,

    I assume you are using the PAN Digital frmame. If there is a image/movie file that the frame cannot recognize, then you might see this error. You best bet is go through every folder on the memory card and delete non-image files. For example, *.dat or *.ini files that another photo viewer could have created. Also some frame don’t show edited photos well; so you might have to restore the original.

  2. Well i had taken some phot from my digital camera. when opened the folder it shows me the thumbnail of the photo. but when i double clicked yhe phot to open it it shows me invalid format please tell me what to do. please mail me at

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