PanImage PI1002DW 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame

After returning the HP 820A4 frame, it took me a while to buy me another digital picture frame. Not that there aren’t many, but none of them are deemed reliable enough. Even the Sony’s have quite many negative feed backs despite their high cost and positive reviews. So I didn’t want to spend too much money anyway to end up with a clunker a year down the line.

Costco had this great deal on the Pandigital 10.4″ frame with 1GB internal memory, I thought I will give it a try. The coupon would reduce the price by $40 and my cost would be $99. Not bad for a 10.4″ frame with 1 GB memory. This frame also had a dark brown/black frame that suited our family room. The display resolution is 800×600; you need a 800×600 at least for those 8″; on this bigger frame the pictures look sharp and bright. The frame has had wireless adaptability i.e., with an adapter it could go wireless. Costco also has this great deal – you can return almost anything within 90 days for a full refund; enough time to test out a $99 product.

The frame is pretty impressive. The colors are great though I wouldn’t go gaga over it. There is a brightness control knob on the side. It can take either a USB flash drive or a mini-USB one. So I could use one for the wireless adapter and the other for a secondary source.

The random transitions are among the best I have seen even among PC screen savers. The frame can also play avi files and music mp3 files – nice, but not my requirement now. I just want to view our photos sitting and biting dust for a long time. Common, we haven’t even seen our wedding photos for such a long time.

The menu system is fine; I am not so annoyed as some others are. The remote is tiny. The frame doesn’t immediately respond to the click, making you click once more. But, don’t do that as it will result in a default action on the screen to come up.

One biggie this frame doesn’t have is auto-orientation. Many frames boast this, but I haven’t see one that can perfectly accomplish the task. So, I have decided to live w/o this feature.

The remote doesn’t have a ON/Off button which is a second minor nuisance. However, you can turn the frame on with a switch and run a schedule so that you don’t have to worry about turning on and off reaching behind the frame always.

Overall I think it is a great bang for the buck given the size and features, notwithstanding the lack of Auto-orientation and a remote power on/off switch.


  1. I haven’t tried the wi-fi option. The reason is because I found out that the frame will only load folders with .jpeg, *.mp3 or *.avi files. If there is any other formats, such as picasi.ini or *.dat files, the frame comes up with an invalid format error and stops there. Since the hard drive where I store my photos has these kind of files, I figured it won’t work for the frame. I use my photos on the hard drive for screen savers, editing, picasa etc, that leaves behind these types of file.

  2. Hi, have you tried its wifi function? I am ready to pull the trigger if wifi works great.

  3. Hi Ash,

    Thanks a lot for your response! I’ve bought the frame and it looks great.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I am sorry for the incorrect information. Not sure where I picked up the detail, but I checked the specs and it is indeed 800×600. I was just watching the frame and all along I was under the impression that the resolution was in fact higher. That speaks to the quality of the display. I found the frame at the Montgomerryville Costco in PA.

    If you run into issues using a 16GB drive, read my follow-up post.


  5. Hi, I just found your excellent review while searching for this frame. My local Costcos on Long Island, NY have the same 10″ frame by Pandigital, but the resolution is only 800×600! Naturally, I’d like to buy the higher resolution frame that you have if it is the same price. May I ask at which Costco you found your frame? Thanks! Chris

  6. I got one for my birthday and have nothing but good things to say about it. Thanks for the review.

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