Yoga for allergies

Typically people look at asanas and breathing to help allergies. While pranayama can have a positive effect on overall health, the almost unknown part of yoga to the general new-comer is the mudras. Mudras are symbols made with hands and fingers. There are also some mudras that involve the whole body. More than symbols, there is a scientific reasoning why Mudras are beneficial and explains why Yogis placed a great emphasis on these.

The nerves that run through the body ends in the tips of the limbs. We all know that Reflexology works on the belief or reason that these nerve endings in the foot can be used to influence parts of the body/mind. Similarly, the same nerve endings in the fingers and hands have such effect. Some of the mudras as used in other health techniques but called something else. More about that in another post.

For allergies, apart from other precautions such as less stressful routine, etc. Mudras form a great tool to combat them. The following mudras are effective combating allergies specifically frontal sinusitis.

Varuna Mudra: Here you bend the little finger of your right hand until its tip touches the ball of the thumb. Place the thumb on top of the finger. Then place the left thumb on top of the right thumb and encircle the left hand around the right hand. Remember the finger tips needs to be pressed gently enough so you feel the energy in there.
Kubera Mudra: Here, with each hand, you press the tips of the thumb, index and middle finger together. The ring and little finger press into the middle of the hand.
Mahasirs Mudra: Similar to Kubera Mudra but keep the little finger extended.
Bhramara Mudra: Called the Bee mudra. Place the index finger into the thumb fold, and the tip of the thumb on the side of your middle fingernail. Extend the ring and little finger.

Practice each of these mudras for about 5 minutes.

The overall health can be gauged by how healthy the fingers are and the range of movements in them. As we age, it is important to keep every part of the body active. Mudras are not only a great way to keep the hands and fingers active, but they had astounding health benefits as well. This has been proven in many researches. Gertrud Hirschi, in her wonderful book, ‘Mudras: Yoga in your Hands’ quotes Keshav Das many times in such research.

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