Mudras for joint pains

You might be surprised. How can such a simple thing as pressing the finger tips help ease/cure joint aches. Hold your surprise. Just try these.

I came back from playing 3 hours of Sunday morning Cricket last week. I hadn’t played cricket in decades! Only a month back I got a taste of it in Portland, Oregon. My body was sore. A hot shower and an afternoon nap took away most of the pain. However, my left hip kept telling even two days after. When I bowl, I shift weight onto my left leg and hence my hip takes a moment of tremendous increase in load. This happened about 30 times for the four overs I bowled. In addition, running between wickets on wicked, uneven ground didn’t help.

I was reading Gertrud Hirsch Mudras book. There was this Joint Mudra. What you do is press the thumb and the Ring fingers of the right hand together gently. Press the thumb and the middle finger of the left hand gently. The other fingers are stretched out. She said her joint pains, once determined as chronic, went away after months of practice. For me trying this mudra for 5 minutes did the trick. I tried this is bed before going to sleep! Next morning there was no remnants of any pain. While I can’t say for sure the mudra did the trick or was it just enough time after the cricket, there is no harm in trying. In fact, I keep trying this mudra as often as I can.

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