Life saver Mudra

The Apan Vayu Mudra is considered a life saver mudra. According to Keshav Dev, the finger position can have a first-aid function when you use it at the first sign of a heart attack.

To do this mudra, fold your index finger so that its end presses against the base/ball of the thumb. Then bring the thumb, index and middle finger so that their tips press against each other. Let the little finger stretch out.

As Reflexology believes that conditions of the body are influenced by the different parts of the foot, Accu-pressure believes different parts of the hand influences different part of the body. As such having healthy hands is an indication of a healthy body. You need to be able to keep the movements of the fingers through your life.

The basal area between the middle and ring fingers is where you can influence the health of your breathing and frontal sinusitis. Gently massage this area with your thumb for 1-3 minutes to feel the effect.

To read more about Mudras and their benefits, check out Gertrud Hirschi’s wonderful book ‘Yoga in your hands’.

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