Dealing with stress – use your History

When confronted with stress, it is mostly a flight-or-fight response. We tend to react and do something right away hoping it will resolve the issue. This approach very likely won’t be successful or at least it won’t leave you with a sense of satisfaction in you having dealt with the problem correctly. I am basing this on my history of course. After decades of dealing with situations, I have realized that there is no substitute to ultra-calmness first. Take all the factors in, let them sink in. Give it time – no need to rush to action. Over a period of time (it could be hours or even days), you will come up with alternatives. It may appear that the first or second solution that comes up seems perfect. But hang on to it for some time and sit or even sleep over it. When you are back to a perfect sense of normality, you will realize the best course of action.

Secondly, think back of all the situations you have dealt with – the hundreds and thousands of them. Most likely, like most people, you would have gotten past those with success. That should give you confidence that you will be able to handle any new situation well. Just remember this fact and let sit/sleep over the issue. Thoughts will materialize and lead you to action.

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