Schwinn Recumbent bike XR23

I started playing cricket often this Spring and Summer and felt my legs were not up to it as well as my stamina. I am very flexible with all the Yoga I do. So I decided to improve on these and started running on the treadmill. I wanted something more accessible like a exercise bike that I could have in the family room. Aprimo recently won Sears as a client and Sears sent out this flyer for an extra 10% off last Sunday for Friends and Family. So we headed to the mall to check out a exercise bike.

I had done some research on Consumer Reports and it came up with the Schwinn 130 as a cost effective alternative. The problem was I couldn’t find this anywhere – it was an older model. Sears had the XR23 still in stock and we tried it and found it good. The price was about $430 after a 10% off and taxes. We loaded up the bike in our mini van and headed home. I had read shipping issues with Schwinn’s and agree that there could be damage given the transport and handling. So I didn’t order it from Amazon which I usually do.

Getting the package inside the family room was easier that I thought. We had had a big task in getting our big TV, but that was a more delicate piece. We just dragged the box on the floor once we hoisted the packaging past the steps.

Assembly was a bit more involved. All in all, I think I ended up spending about 2 hours finishing the job. There are about 13 steps and they look pretty complex on first sight, but the job is easier once you understand the steps correctly. Once step that took most time was putting the seat assembly back on the bike. The instructions don’t indicate well how to put the bracket back in place.

The one thing I like most about this bike is it is totally silent. This way it can sit in the family room and I can get onto it while we watch TV or a movie i.e., if my wife and son don’t find it annoying :).

The other thing is the construction is SOLID. The materials aren’t cheap like the typical made in China bikes.

The display is well organized and very readable. There are many programs that you can set and each has up to 16 levels, so I don’t think I can want more challenge on the bike.

It goes off after a 2 min sleep time and goes ON once you start pedalling it.

The three HRC (Heart Rate Control) programs are very good and they work the heart to different levels of capacity (60-70%, 70-80%, etc). The second one was pretty good and made my skin sweat after 15 mins.

Of course biking is a low impact exercise on the knees which I like compared to running as my knees aren’t the strongest given my age.

I chose the recumbent bike as the seat is a bit more comfortable to sit than the standard upright one. Resting the back might be helpful for my parents when they visit us.

You can move the bike using the handle and lifting up and the wheels. The footprint is pretty big though as you can see from a similar model’s dimension in the picture.

Another thing I would have like is if the computer stand was foldable; this would have made the bike a bit easier to hide behind a sofa.

All in all I am pretty happy with the bike and the money spent on it.

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