Beautiful Sprint campus

I was in Overland Park, KS last week working on a migration for Sprint. The Sprint campus is one of the most beautiful campuses I have visited. It has the charm of an University campus, it is HUGE. The cafeteria was enormous with almost 5-star qualities except you self-serve. The few days I was on, Kansas had a milder weather than normal making my stay more enjoyable. The day I was leaving it was turning hot. Nice timing, Ash. The flight back home was delayed with bad weather at Philly. So we got diverted to Richmond and after re-fueling, headed back to Philly. Luckily, we didn’t have to stay overnight at Richmond. I was back home by 11:30 PM for some warm lemon rice that Rama had made. For the first time on a trip, I didn’t enjoy Indian food; wherever I ate, the food was heavy. Though I normally eat only 40% of what is served, I still felt it was too much. Thursday night I ended up hunting a Chipotle and had my favorite health-food – a vegetarian burrito bowl.

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