Taare Zameen Par – 5 Stars

Taare Zameen Par – Directed by Bollywood ace Amir Khan is one gem of a move. Dealing with a dyslexic child and bringing out the best in him, it is a story that is inspiring and touching unlike many of the Bollywood routine fares. Amir Khan excels in getting the best out of all the cast, especially the lead (child) star. Unfortunately you don’t get this movie in Netflix not sure if it is because Disney bought rights to the movie and they haven’t released it in US. I got it from a local Indian grocery shop. The first DVD wouldn’t play on all the 4 DVD players I tried, the second was the same. However, my son hooked up his new laptop with HDMI output to our TV and we got to watch it finally. There is a star on Earth – that is the meaning of the title.

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