Dreams coming true

Today GM announced that the Chevy Volt will give 230 miles to the gallon! Wow! That is amazing, unbelievable and totally flabbergasting. My new 2010 Prius will be a clunker 10 years from now. What I like about the news is we and the world is slowly moving in the right direction – reducing dependency on oil. Of course, I am not sure if my true dream will come true, that of the Middle-east selling 1 barrel of oil free for every one you buy. The Middle-east has an unfair advantage in the world – they are rich because of oil – not human power, not intellectual power, not creativity but some natural resource available where they are. I recognize oil will still be required – all the other products that are manufactured that require petroleum, the big trucks and the tankers, etc but boy can I wait when oil is dirt cheap.

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