It has been a month

Since I got the Schwinn exercise bike. Practically everyday I have been working out on the bike, an average of 2 times per day and many days 3 times. I can feel more strength in my legs and definitely feel more stamina within me. This is evident when I play cricket and have to run in spurts.

Today I joined the Daily Mile site to keep log of my exercise – it is a good way to keep yourself motivated. As the saying said ‘There is someone out there running right now who is more busier than you’.

It is nice to a have a stationery bike in the family room and of course, work from home. I usually have breakfast before 9 AM and do a bit of work and work out on the bike before a shower and lunch. I get back to the bike after 5:30 watching some re-runs of Raymond or Friends on TBS. Agreed, I have been a bit easy on yoga the past month with biking and cricket burning my calories. BTW, I have lost about 3-4 pounds in the past month, not that I have a lot to burn! That is good news anyway.

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