Real cricket and its excitement

I finally played leather ball cricket last Wednesday with the Collegeville cricket team. This was practice, of course. I bowled pretty well, with some loose balls here and there.

Unlike the Lansdale CC, practice here is bowlers practising bowling with batsmen take turns in batting. No game or sides. I was a little hesitant to begin with when the practice started with catch practice; I managed to catch some high ones.

It was exciting to feel the cricket ball. I had probably touched the cricket ball when I was in 8th grade and when trying out for the Pre-University cricket team; that was almost 26 years ago. This spring I play tennis ball cricket after nearly two and half decades.

This Sunday I have signed up to play a match against BOCC in the Evansburg grounds. The pitch is awesome or I should say the field. Grass 360 degrees around. The sound of the ball smacking the bat and the occasional shouts from the fielders. I am looking forward to this Sunday.

I went ahead and bought the ‘Fast Bowlers Bible’ by Ian Pont. It seems a pretty good book. I will write a review soon on it.

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