Collegeville CC Vs BOCC

Today was match day. The match was to be played at Haverford College grounds near Villanova. The college setting was perfect as the match started at 11 on about 130 year old grounds. This pitch is known to be a batsmen’s paradise. Mahesh won the toss and decided to bat first as we still didn’t have 11 players.

The going got great with the top order batsmen getting some great runs. Raghu, Mahesh and Kansihk practically dominated the bowling which was a bit wanting except for their opener. This was ground where you could hit sixers more than fours as the rule was any ball hitting the treetop was a six. The branches projecting almost 20 feet from the base being the reason. Kanishk was solid; ultimately getting out to a pop-up behind to leg slip. Mahesh got two sixers quickly.

I thought I wouldn’t need to bat around 30 overs as we had still 5 batsmen left. But that wasn’t the case. I put on batting pads for the first time in my life; played the first ball defensively and nicked an edge and got bowled the second. We got 182 runs in the 35 overs.

The sun was brutal as we got onto bowling. Our opening bowling was pretty solid and held the batsmen at bay. I got to bowl three overs in my first cricket ball match! Wow! I had no maidens, gave away 11 runs and got a wicket. Need to work on the line.

The spinners did most of the damage with Mahesh insisting we maintain a good line and length as BOCC was under pressure all along. In the end BOCC was all out for 150 runs. There were 91 for 6 at one point, but the late order got some shots going.

I was tired after my three overs and slipped and sprained my ankle (right), apparently because of the strings not being tight. The left ankle was also a bit sprained. At some point, around 2 PM, I thought the sun was going to get me as it was nasty. There was no lunch provided and I was hoping to get some energy eating for my bowling stint. Not so. I managed a piece of Amish cake – it was delicious, almost a life saver for me. I managed to field at slips and get by.

All-in-all, it was an exciting match. Glad I made it till the end; leaving me wanting to play more. Hopefully the sun will settle down soon making playing more enjoyable.

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