The Picking-on-the-vegetables habit

It is usually a once-in-a-week visit to the local Indian grocery store. To avoid the rush days and hours, I generally visit Saturday morning around 10:15 AM after dropping off Vikas to his work. If you are late by 1/2 an hour, you got some challenges to deal.

First off, driving into the store is a big hassle. There are two cars waiting to park and then there are two park on the way out totally ignoring safety. That’s way it is best to drive very safely in a Desi grocery shop. You will inevitably find someone parked in the no-parking zone which leads to the back of the store for additional parking.

Next, you manage to get parking after some time. Then you next waiting is at the vegetable aisles. Picking on the vegetables is a pure economic-based activity. This habit comes directly from India where the vendors would try to ward off anything – fresh or not – if you aren’t keenly looking out what goes into the weighing device. That same habit is not necessary in America. The vegetables are almost always good. Even though they are, I see people – both men and women, picking up a bean (yes, a green bean!), checking it’s firmness. This is true for most of the vegetables. This goes on and on. Sometime, you have the visiting in-laws helping out and they are even slower. They should ban picking on the vegetables in these stores. Most annoying habit desis carried from the Indian culture.

I was out of the store in about 1/2 hour after some embarrassing quiet moments at the checkout counter. I always feel judged by the girl at the counter – not sure why 🙂

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