At Woodlands, AGS Conf 2009

Last week was memorable. AGS had our annual conference at the Woodlands resort in Houston, TX. I missed the Monday morning flight but was lucky to get onto the next one. Weather at Houston was surprisingly cooler though humid than what I expected. One key session was the DISCovery session that identifies personality types. The information shared was very useful and interesting. Haresh’s talk about product road map was awesome as usual, inspiring me to do something more. My presentation on Thursday was very well received. I should say it went very well despite some nervousness on my part. The afternoon lunches were packed with lot of food, but vegetarian choices were limited. I ended up eating salad and a bit of pasta/C&M when available. There was always bread rolls, he he! Dinner was not different though for the awards ceremony, I got some extra cooked vegetables that I requested. There were always beer and wine, if you chose to drink. Though I ate deserts almost daily (one or two a day), I didn’t put on weight.

I did my yoga Tuesday and took part in the recreational activities – swimming in the fabulous pool on Tuesday and the 3K walk on Thursday. On Wednesday, I ventured out to the Woodlands mall to get myself a belt – had to keep my shirt down the first two days as I had forgotten my belt! The mall was awesome and so was the marketplace opposite, though I didn’t have enough time to explore. All in all, a great conference.

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