The Plaza at Kansas City

The past 4 days have been crazy with the Sprint migration. It started last Friday night at 9 PM and went on till 6 PM Sunday when we finally said it is a GO! I was getting more and more tired and it was starting to affect me. Yesterday was the first night I had a good sleep. Anyway, I can’t sleep well in a hotel for the first couple of days at least – just getting used to the new environment is and the day schedule adds up. I guess it is also the tiredness with the travel, etc. Anyway, I didn’t want to complain on my blog. What I wanted to write about was the visit to the Plaza in Kansas City.

After work yesterday, I drove South on 69 for 15 miles and it was all country side coming up and I turned back to head to ‘Eden Alley’ which is an all vegetarian eatery on 47th in KC. It is in the basement of a church. Unfortunately, it was closed for dinner on Mondays! So I just walked and found the Plaza. Eric had mentioned about the Plaza and it’s fountains. It is a fascinating place and the architecture and the shops certainly grabs your attention. There are quite a few restaurants, but being a vegetarian I dared not venture into any. I saw a volunteer cop cycling and met him a couple of times during my walk. I wish I had my camera with me as I realized my Blackberry had run out of space when I wanted to take a photo. The streets were fairly empty.

When I came back to the car, I had to wiggle it out of the space. In the process I bumped into the back car while reversing. The guy with the girl shouted; as I stepped out the girl said I was okay – it was a bumper kiss; still the incident was enough to bring out a sweat within me in a cool evening. I had ordered a pizza and salad from SPIN City Pizza in Overland Park off the Sprint campus.

I headed back to Overland Park. I took State road and headed south. My Garmin kept complaining and was recalculating every 3 seconds – a first after 2 years of use. Finally I acceded and took its route though I was confident just in case I got too late for a cold pizza. The girl said there wasn’t any meat in the pizza sauce after I asked a second time; thought she just put on her white-lie cap by purpose. The pizza, a 6-inch, was good – light and a vee-bit spicy.

Watched Brett Favre fight it out with the Packers with a tremendous performance. Went to sleep and dreamt my middle-school teacher approving off me. That hasn’t happened in a very long time. When I woke up this gave me a feeling of strength.

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