Paradise India

This nice Indian restaurant on 135th Street in Overland Park is a treat to dine. Nicely decorated interior had a smiling, very hospitable hostess welcoming the guests. Has a mix of both South and North Indian dishes. The roti was one of the best I have eaten, though you want to watch how much you eat as it is loaded. I had the Navratan Korma, which was very good, but creamy! I took more than 60% of the dinner to the hotel. This was last Saturday.

Today I went back thinking I will try some Uthappam and vada, but the place was closed. I should make it a habit of checking the open days when I look at the site. So I heeded to Kababesh Grill on 119th about 3 miles East from Sprint. Ordered the Yellow dhal asking for the least spice. It comes with rice so that was all I needed. I also order a salt lassi as I always do – it is good for digestion. The lassi was very good being just the right mix of water and yogurt. So I took an extra glass for the hotel. Again packed half the dhal. The restaurant was alright with the indoors filled with the grill’s aroma.

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