20 min Vs 40 min workout

Now-a-days, I realize my outlet is writing. I relax when I write. It doesn’t matter where I write. It could be the blog or logging miles on dailymile. I am working out daily when I am at home and just the fact that I log the miles (write) on daily mile, takes away some of the need to blog. Hence my blog isn’t very productive these days.

Anyway, the docs tell you that you should work out 20 mins, three times a week. I can tell you that is the very basic minimum. If you can’t do that, it shows in your health. I also found out that when I ride 40 mins as opposed to 20, I feel the energy flowing within very distinctly. With that energy is an infusion of peace. That feeling is something I haven’t felt in decades maybe. That feeling is essential to maintain health and a sound mind. That feeling is what makes workout addictive to me – not that sweat, not the calories burnt, nothing else.

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