Ananda Fuara

I was at San Francisco this week and ventured out into downtown for some vegetarian food with some collegues. The veggie Golden-Era was closed and we drove down a few blocks to Anand Fuara. The restaurant has an appeal but low key decor; brightly lit. The walls are decorated with Swami Chinmayananda’s photos and messages. There a book shelves with lots of his writings and other books on Yoga, meditation, etc.

I opted for the Curry dinner which was vegetable curry with saffron rice and a couple of pita bread sticks. The curry was a bit spicy but delicious. I felt good about eating here. The Mango lassi was excellent and I went in for a double. The overall tab for four was pretty decent i.e., less than $75 with tips. I would go here again. This restaurant reminded me of one vegan restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. – can’t remember the name right now.

Driving in downtown SFO was a bit of challenge. I managed to parallel park after a couple of attempts and also, almost, ran a red light while paying too much attention to the road and people.

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